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Upcoming Events- February

Be Yoga and Wellness has two wonderful upcoming events.

Wednesday, February 14th, 7-8:30pm. Partner Yoga with Nancy

Nancy is offering a Partner Yoga Workshop on Valentine's night, Wednesday February 14. This workshop will be open to all levels, a completely inclusive event, even if you do not have a partner.

Touch elevates our emotions, relieves stress, and is great for overall health. In this fun and  connective 90 minute workshop, you and your partner will learn and explore yoga postures designed for two people to practice together, as well as adjustments and touch that will help to release muscular tension and balance the nervous system. The focus will be connection with rest and digest poses.

You will also explore non-verbal communication techniques, partner meditations, and aroma therapy.

Investment is $22/person. If you purchase two tickets, please email with your partners name.

Sunday, February 11th, 3-4pm. Sound bath with Cora

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing immersion that includes sounds of the chakra tuned Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, rain drum, and more!

Sound baths are rooted in the idea that particular frequencies correspond to specific energy centers in your body. This meditative journey will leave you feeling centered, balanced, and focused. Sound baths can be a great compliment to improving your physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Investment is $35 and you can register here- 

Please remember, there are no refunds or exchanges after the tickets are purchased. Cancellations are not accepted for these event, but tickets can be transferred to another person should you not be able to attend after purchase is made.

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