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All class passes have an expiration date. Please be aware of this as you decide the pass that works best for you. We do not offer refunds or exchanges after a purchase is made.

Meditation hatha yoga

Drop In

Our Drop In is perfect for those that are visiting the area or not able to commit to a longer class pass. Drop In's expire six months from purchase date.

be yoga and wellness

Monthly Unlimited

The monthly unlimited is a wonderful option for students that practice three or more times a week. The unlimited expires 30 days from first class taken.

Rancho Bernardo yoga

5 Class Pass

The 5 class pass is a perfect option for those that practice at least once a week. This pass expires 60 days/2 months from date of first class taken.

Yoga Friends

New Student Special

The New Student Special gives you two weeks/14 days of unlimited classes. Try any of our classes and teachers to see what styles and what times work for you!

Vinyasa yoga

10 Class Pass

Our 10 class pass is great for the student that practices around 2 times a week. The 10 class pass expires 60 days/2 months from date of first class taken.

rb yoga hatha yoga

start at $80/hr

Private sessions price will vary per instructor. Please email

before you purchase.

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