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be yoga and wellness san diego

Be Yoga and Wellness

To schedule a class at Be Yoga and Wellness, please click the button to be taken directly to our reservation system

Class Descriptions are subject to change but this will give you a guide into the classes we offer!

Hatha All Levels

Suited for new and experienced students.

This class will offer longer held poses to build a foundation of strength and ease. Connect breath, body, and mind in this class where you choose the level of intensity for yourself.

Hatha Intermediate

This class offers a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa. Focusing on building strength and alignment  for more intermediate asana to introduce advanced asana in a safe and mindful approach. Delve deeper into the flow of yoga and the flow of yourself. Listening to your body and letting your practice meet you where you are at in the moment. This class is not recommended for beginners or those with limited knowledge of yoga poses.

Movement & Meditation

Moving our bodies, we bring attention to what is present in our awareness. This all levels class offers safe options to explore asana and all that arises in the midst of a focused practice. The class will end with an extended savasana with elements of Yoga Nidra or guided meditation. Welcoming physical, energetic, mental, and emotional occurrences to witness and experience the awesome gift of being in the here and now. A new start to your day and week awaits with this exploration of movement, grounded in the felt sense and peace of meditation.

Strength & Mobility

Not a yoga asana class! Knowledge of yoga postures is not needed for this class. This class is body weight exercises mixed with body mobility. Mobility is moving through active angles of motion with control.  Strength is needed to lead a more controlled and stable life of movement. Realizing that muscle activation is the underlying guide into movement. 


This class will focus on how the body moves and why. Everyday movements of the body will be practiced and slowed down to build foundational strength and mobility. Squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, balance, and twist with awareness of our body moving in the moment with breath. Come to move your body to create greater awareness of your physical self!

Gentle Hatha/Level 1

This class is highly recommended for beginners but also perfect for all levels of practitioner. With an emphasis on alignment and encouragement to connect to yourself, you will gently engage, strengthen, and open the body and mind while learning the foundations of yoga.

Advanced Asana

Arm balances, inversions, and deeper variations of poses will be deeply explored. A pinnacle pose is established at the beginning of class and there is consistent practice and refining as class progresses. With precise alignment being offered, an advanced practitioner is invited to feel each pose in the body and to make adjustments that work for them. Not appropriate for beginners or those with injuries.

Yoga for the Back

Start your day on your mat with a focused practice of strengthening the core muscles around our spine and the strength that is needed for balance. Using therapeutic principles of yoga asana, you will build strength and awareness of body, while increasing stamina and flexibility. This class is not geared towards beginners but can be modified to those new to the practice of asana.

Be Still-Restorative

Be Still is a gentle Hatha/Restorative blend which stretches open those common tense areas like the hips, shoulders, and back.

Relaxing into postures, you will use bolsters, blankets, and blocks as props to support the renewal of the nervous system and the gentle opening of the body.

Class will close with a guided relaxation and meditation. Leave feeling the bliss of stillness in your mind and body.


Sometimes the hardest part of change is taking the first step. If you are interested in Private lessons, please click here to learn more about this option. 

Be Yoga and Wellness

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