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Be Yoga and Wellness is an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed, seen, and appreciated! A heart centered Hatha yoga studio that is steeped in community and helping each other grow, prosper, and thrive! This practice lays the foundation that within you is the capacity to make positive changes to your life. Your journey is what you make it. Your outlook on life is what you make it. Yoga is for All of You. It is a full mind body connection that can deepen the human experience for everyone.

So be grateful, be inspired, be strong, be kind, be happy, be mindful, be centered, be balanced.

Most importantly, BE You!


Becky MacBain RB Yoga Hatha Vinyasa


I am a 500-ERYT and CEU Educator. I hold multiple certificates in many different forms of modalities that help the human body and spirit not just live, but thrive! I love to blend my knowledge of fitness, kinesiology, and history of injuries to what I bring to the Be Yoga and Wellness community.

I love this community and I love helping people on their way to total body health, healing, and growth!

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative, and I am also available for private sessions.

Terri Roberts RB Yoga Hatha


I have a deep love and respect for the practice of yoga and a genuine commitment to my yoga home, Be Yoga and Wellness.  I flowed in and out of yoga practice since my college days, but in my 50’s I decided to get serious. It started with a personal goal in 2013 to fully integrate the practice into my life and go to class at least 5 times a week! Mission accomplished, I thrived in 2013 and realized the amazing mental, physical and spiritual benefits to a dedicated yoga practice. I completed my 200-hour teacher training in 2014. I am dedicated and honored to share my practice and the lessons I continue to learn daily from my beloved teachers with my own students.

Jim Oakes Yoga Nidra


I lead all-levels asana classes, and am a certified

iRest© Yoga Nidra teacher, a meditation technique based on ancient yogic teachings adapted for the western culture. I readily find unity on my mat, cushion, riding waves, running and playing with my family - since 1989, I’ve been married to my best friend, Lisa, and am the proud father of our daughter, Megan, and our son Will. I welcome the opportunity to practice with you. Peace.


I am available for private meditation and asana instruction.



The SoulGood Yoga seed began 30 years ago when I curiously purchased a book about yoga.  It blossomed in 2006 when I completed one of several yoga teacher trainings.  My teaching style depends on the class - gentle / exploratory / meditative or strong / creative / fun.  For Be Yoga and Wellness, I'm focusing on an advanced class that is strong/creative/fun with an added focus on correct alignment so we may continue yoga in all our years.  May the light you find on the mat be brought into the world.

Debbie Yoga for the Back


Bio Soon....

Debbie Yoga for the Back


Bio Soon....

Nancy Paik sound healing


Nancy is a Health Intuitive versed in many modalities of healing. From vocal sound therapy to biofield energy, Nancy is known throughout the community as a Sacred Body Yogi. Nancy is 500EYT certified and also specializes in Kaiut Yoga as well as Restorative and Yin. Nancy also teaches at the world renowned Golden Door Spa.

Debbie Yoga for the Back


Bio Soon....

Debbie Yoga for the Back


Bio Soon....

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