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Be Yoga and Wellness

Private Sessions

At Be Yoga and Wellness, we understand that group classes do not serve everyone to their potential. To learn more about private sessions and how they can help you, email to begin your journey!

Private yoga sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, adapted to your skill, fitness, and stress levels. The session will be more hands on and can even include assisted stretching, myofascial release, and massage techniques, depending on instructor. Your private session will advance at your own pace and will be individualized for you. Anyone from the experienced yoga student to a brand new student can and will benefit from one on one instruction.

Yoga can complement physical therapy and physiotherapy because they share underlying concepts of a holistic approach toward health and well-being. If you are rehabilitating an injury, your private session will be designed around that which you are dealing with in a safe and supportive environment. Injuries can happen gradually because so many people  lack mobility, flexibility, postural awareness, and strength. Yoga can help improve range of motion, strengthen weakened muscles, enhance general movement function, injury prevention, and increase flexibility.

Yoga and Massage, also known as Yogassage, can be provided in private sessions with Becky. Clients seeking yogassage do not need to be particularly limber or flexible, and it is not necessary to have experience in yoga to receive yogassage. Poses can be adjusted to fit almost anyone, regardless of age, experience, or ability. Yogassage may be good for someone who prefers a more interactive massage experience, a clothed massage, or a heavily assisted yoga practice. Both practicing yoga and receiving massage therapy can help reduce a person’s stress levels and encourage body-mind wellness. The combination of yoga and massage puts an emphasis on breathwork and relaxation throughout the session, facilitating a mindful approach to melting away tension.

"I started privates with Becky because I was experiencing sciatic discomfort from sitting, my range of motion in my hips were decreasing, and the stress of my job was stressing me out! After only a few sessions, my range of motion has greatly improved. The stretches I have learned have helped with my sciatic discomfort and I've learned great techniques to help with stress. She is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever worked with"

Be Yoga and Wellness

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