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Walking to Yoga class
be yoga and wellness san diego

Be Yoga and Wellness

New to Yoga? Not sure were to start? Right here is a great place!

Yogasūtra 1.1: atha yogānuśāsanam
Now, the teaching of Yoga

Yoga fosters strength, flexibility, and ease. In your body, mind, and spirit. People in our community, and far beyond have experienced these and countless other benefits with this practice:

  • Increased strength

  • Changes in flexibility

  • Improved performance in other athletic ventures, professional and amateur alike! Yes, even Pickleball!

  • Improved mental and emotional health

  • Relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Meet other individuals and create a sense of community

  • Greater overall health and wellness

All of the Be Yoga and Wellness teachers are here to help you on your path. We are a non competitive, welcoming community of all ages, body types, and walks of life. All are welcome, no matter when you start your yoga practice.

To aid you in your start, try our New Student Special that gives you unlimited classes for 14 days, for only $50! Must be your first purchase for the studio and it can be purchased here!

Hatha All Levels

Gentle Hatha/Level 1

Suited for new and experienced students.

This class will offer longer held poses to build a foundation of strength and ease. Connect breath, body, and mind in this class where you choose the level of intensity for yourself.

Be Still-Restorative

Be Still is a gentle Hatha/Restorative blend class which focuses on gentle releases to open those common tense areas like the hips, shoulders, and back.

Relaxing into postures, you will use bolsters, blankets, and blocks as props to support the renewal of the nervous system and the gentle opening of the body.

Class will close with a guided relaxation and meditation. Leave feeling the bliss of stillness in your mind and body.

This class is highly recommended for beginners but also perfect for all levels of practitioner. With an emphasis on alignment and encouragement to connect to yourself, you will gently engage, strengthen, and open the body and mind while learning the foundations of yoga.


Sometimes the hardest part of change is taking the first step. If you are interested in Private lessons, please click here to learn more about this option. 

Be Yoga and Wellness

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