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Friday Night Feature!

We are excited to bring to the studio some classes on Friday nights!

Depending on teacher availability, we will try to offer a class every other Friday and the offerings will vary from classes to workshops and the teachers that lead them will vary as well.

Our first Friday Night Feature will be Yoga Nidra with Jim on September 8th, 5:30-6:30pm.

Join Jim as he leads you through a transformative practice that fosters psychological, physical, and spiritual well being. Yoga Nidra enables recognition of your innate peace of mind amidst all changing circumstances of life and provides tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, restore the body, and ground yourself in being.

Mindfully mark the end of your week and begin your weekend in pure awareness with nourishing qualities of peacefulness, patience, loving kindness, and joy.

This Yoga Nidra class will come off your purchased series or Drop In for $20.

Register as you would for any of our weekly classes. Look for Yoga Nidra on Friday, September 8th or click here! See you on your mat!

Next Friday Night Feature will be September 22nd with Nancy. This fall's on the Fall Equinox and will feature a partner yoga workshop and profits will be donated to Maui Fire survivors.

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